Half term feeling


Yesterday, I woke up on Sunday morning and instead of feeling that awful sense of dread knowing that another week of work is approaching- I felt amazing knowing I have a week off to relax and catch up with family and friends.

Why does the last Friday before the end of term seem to drag on so much? By this time- the children have lost the plot and so have I.

I always get the children ready for home time really early as there is always extra things that the children need to take home and it’s like a regimented procedure. P.E kits, bags, drink bottles, old books, art projects… the list goes on! Despite this procedure, there is always ‘that one child’ who leaves everything on their desk and bolts to the playground.

As soon as that bell goes- the children are ready to get out that door (and so am I).

But somehow I always seem to have a line of parents wanting to talk to me about something ‘important’… they don’t seem to realise that as soon as the children are out that door- my holiday begins! So I smile through gritted teeth and do all the necessary talking before I edge closer and closer to the door and close it sharply with a deep breath.

I skip out the school gates and can feel my cheeks beaming whilst I sign out of work for a whole week. YES- 1 WHOLE WEEK! I have a whole week planned of fun activities and will enjoy waking up with no alarm set and watch friends with a cup of tea in hand. Finally, I start to feel like myself again.

Until next Sunday morning…when the cycle of work begins again.

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