The notion of teaching

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I’ve just been really excited about the notion a blog. I haven’t been this excited in a while. When you work you sort of get yourself into this little comfortable routine and you think there is no time for a new hobby. The gym isn’t working for me so maybe typing on my phone in notes will be good for my metal health.

Well I just typed in ‘how to start a blog’. Now I’ve got myself signed up to some kind of yearly subscription. Maybe this £4 a month will inspire me to keep it up. For my news years resolution anyway.

Recently, I went out with two of my other teacher friends. We were in a bar in London. I am aware I sound very cultured but believe me- this is quite a rarity. Oh and because it’s the Christmas holidays. ‘Hello friends, I’m still here’. Anyway we found ourselves being spoken to by a highly intoxicated male.

First question as always is ‘so what do you guys do?’ Now believe me, every teacher in the world secretly loves this question. It’s a respected profession (despite the low pay). It’s fun to tell people you are a teacher. I still feel proud saying it. So he asked us that question and I love to seem this mysterious character even though I am an open book. So I confidently said ‘guess’. Now being in London and assuming we too, are Londoners, he guessed we were in marketing and advertising. How stereotypical. Sorry to my friends in advertising and marketing.

So, we proudly explained we are teachers. Now this always leads to a multiple of the same old questions.

1. No way really? Yes really.

2. So what do you teach? Everything.

3. No like what subject? Everything.

4. So you teach everything? Yes.

5. That means you must be really cleaver? Followed by a…

6. How do you do it?

But that it’s. No we are not cleaver. I am knowledgable in a certain range of subjects. I am an expert in the year 3 curriculum. Ancient Egyptians, Stone Age, column addition, fronted adverbials… COME AT ME. But other stuff, no. I truly have no idea. Now I still get confused on how to use a comma correctly- in fact I’ve been told I over use them. Hence my now over use of the hyphen. When I like something- I stick to it!

I can imagine my year 6 colleagues cringing at my writing style and punctuation. But the truth is, I am in no way a good writer or in fact good at punctuating my sentences. And that’s life. So to my fellow colleagues and English geeks (my sister) please don’t judge my writing. I’m hiding behind this idea of a blog so I can write in this chatty style and get away with it.

Thank you Dan Humphrey from gossip girl.

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