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‘To teach others is to teach ourselves’ proverb. This was the opening line to my personal statement when I was applying for a teaching degree at age 17. Who knew that this googled statement would be so relevant. 

Many, many life lessons- it will go in my book! 

Here I am at age 23 (nearly 24) where I am currently teaching my third year 3 class of 30 children. Trying to develop young minds in a very uncertain and forever changing world that we live in. It’s confusing. I’m forever battling between trying to find the time to teach these young minds how to be a confident and empathetic individual when I have little time to do so. Constantly battling to try and make ‘Age related progress’ and ensure I have time to pee at break time. Oh and a social life which everyone knows teachers do not have until we have a half term holiday. Then BAM! You have a week to try and rekindle your friendships and relationships with a Partner and ever so patient family members who you haven’t text back In days. Sorry mum.  That too will be another chapter in my book. 

I feel like I should start at the beginning. My Nqt year was hard. I remember telling myself at funny and heart breaking moments of my career that I would ‘write a book about it one day’ to try and ease the pain and reality of being a young teacher. 

‘When did you get so wise’ my mum constantly asks me when giving life advice with a level head. And the truth is- teaching! 

I remember stepping into my class on day 1. A young 21 year old, fresh out of university, still living at home, never paid a bill in my life (still haven’t), someone who had barely lived. Yet I was responsible for teaching 30, 7 year old children who hung on my every word and bit of advice. Bright eyes staring back at me excited for the new year ahead. The truth is children do want to learn. Well 29 of 30. Yes. There is always- that one child. Anyway I will talk about that later. 

A blog? Maybe that is better than a book I keep telling myself I will write. New year?  I guess a blog is achievable. I’ve always loved to write and never really have time for it. I was forced to writing for my GCSE’s, my A levels and then for my teaching degree. But never for pleasure? 

A New Years resolution. A blog. I see all these teaching videos which I love to watch on Facebook and like to share for my other teaching friends or colleagues. The truth is even though I am surrounded by little children and people daily. It’s lonely. So a blog? Maybe my very own teaching dramas can show a sense of reality and hope for others who are in the same boat as me. 

I vow to write this blog for 2019. Not weekly, not monthly but when I can. For my own sanity and the sanity of others. 

Wish me luck. 

2 thoughts on “Blog 1

  1. Teaching is hard! Well done for taking it on. I hope that you have a wonderful career, inspiring the future generations to seek knowledge. I also appreciate you following my blog.
    I wrote about my teachers, in my comprehensive school (one of the first ever) in London, from 1963-1969. You may find it to be of interest.
    Good luck with your new blog, and best wishes from Norfolk.


  2. Yeah. I getcha. Being surrounded by people all day and constantly talking and teaching… But it’s quite lonely. When I was teaching full time, I would alterbate between just wanting to be left alone in silence at home, or I’d talk my hubby’s ear off when he would get home as I craved real actual conversation.
    And not teaching? Ugh, my life feels without purpose. So… lose lose. Ugh.


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